EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Wraps in week 8!

Everquest Landmark Alpha is officially into it’s 8th and final week!.

Sunday, March 23 is the official end of the EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha. The servers will be down Monday & Tuesday and will open for the launch of the Closed Beta on Wednesday, March 26th! Last week (week 7) saw the introduction of 12 new islands (each with 2 new biomes: Old Growth Forests and Tundra), attached claims, and a significant change in some crafting recipes with the introduction of Heartwood (1 per tree at the moment). No longer are wood “logs” used for building. Instead, you must cut them into planks first. However, the temporary ratio is an amazing 1 log = 100 planks. The introduction of heartwood has also seen a huge change when burled wood logs as well. Now, certain trees in Old Growth and Tundra biomes contain mostly Burled Wood Logs. The drought has ended, but Heartwood is the new log-jam. Currently, each tree only surrenders 1 piece of Heartwood.
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Edwaurd's Castle KeepEdwaurd's Castle KeepEdwaurd's Castle Keep interior   Eremite's Hilltop o'Love   Cricket's Spanish Galleon

Ghrast's Forge WorksEQNLAlpha_20140301-19-35-43EQNLAlpha_20140301-16-37-08

The EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha test has captured our imagination. The magic and excitement of Landmark reminds me of my first days in EverQuest in the spring of 2000, but with one big twist… EverQuest Next Landmark is filled with unparalleled landscapes and original player-made creations. It’s hard to believe it’s all just 7 weeks old. This adventure has barely begun. The Alpha Test is worth the price of admission. If you ever loved EverQuest, you will be mesmerized by Landmark.

If the Landmark Alpha showed us anything, it proved player imagination and creative skill blew away the expectations of Landmark’s development team. Game play improved with each day. New recipes, bug fixes and refinements appeared as quickly as the amazing builds. Now that the Closed-Beta is prepping to launch, what are YOU thinking about building? If you’re new to Landmark and you want to get noticed quickly in-game, you need a claim near the Wizard Spires! You can also submit your videos and pics to SOE’s Player-Direct here.


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