Get your 7 Day Landmark Closed-Beta Key

Get your 7-Day Landmark Closed-Beta Key!

If you’re new to Landmark and want to tryout this revolutionary game by Sony Online Entertainment, then send an email, NOW, to

Once you get your code, check out our “Getting Started” page. It will guide you through account creation, forum ID creation, game download and a basic list of who to follow on Twitch & Twitter.

If you want to be a permanent part of the Closed-Beta and Open-Beta (beyond the 7 day beta access) and have an opportunity to contribute to this ground-breaking game, then simply purchase a founders pack here directly from SOE. Be sure to use Promo Code EXPLOR42 when making your purchase!

Founder’s Packs come with all kinds of cool perks and chotchkies that will let others know that you supported Landmark’s extraordinary development..

Founder's Pack SOE


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