LX October 2014 Newsletter


October Events:There are lots of fun things to do this month in Landmark. Don’t miss these cool events and rockin’ fundraisers.

@VoxelVision‘s Pumpkin Carving Contest
– Entry Deadline. Oct 10th
@Daddio66‘s I ♥ Boobies Walk-a-thon (forum)
– every October Saturday
@ExtraLife4Kids Children’s Miracle Network event (@Brasse)
– Oct 25th
SOE Kerran Museum Foundation Competition
Entry Deadline Oct 9th
SOE landmark Halloween Contest
Entry Deadline Oct 17th

Twitch highlights:Landmark gameplay is entertaining thousands of viewers over on Twitch.tv. Don’t miss any of the action. Whether it’s comedy, cool or informative you are sure to be entertained.EverQuest Next: Workshop Show tour of SciFi Bay
The Morning Brew:  GameDesign, Comedy, Gnolls & PVP
Theory Forge:  Evolutions of the MMO Genre
Legendary Neurotoxin:  Content & Creations
Dev News: The Dev Team is busy this month. They rolled out a new set of Halloween props are are eye-popping. SOE Insiders are giving away a new jump suit as the Official “October” giveaway. Steve Klug and his team are hard at work on game-changing multi-core optimizations. Terry Michaels introduced the updated upkeep system. We’re also working on a Rewards system proposal and Design Doc. Don’t forget to use /bug when you see them!Halloween props
SOE Insider’s October item (Whiteberry via twitter)
Upkeep (Whiteberry via twitter)
Blueprint: Update
Be part of the Dev Team: /bug
YouTube highlights: YouTube is always full of cool Landmark stuff, but these stand out. We’re sure we’ve missed even more. Please email them to us via admin@landmarkexplorer.com or @LandmarkXplorer on twitter.Zinwrath Productions: Journey to the Heartwood (featuring Axeman!)
Buzweaver’s Landmark Tours: Pub Crawl, landmark Update Notes Oct 2nd
Kodi Mynatt (@NanoVoxel): Wall Distortions building tips
Tenma’s Tutorials: Line Tool Roof Shingles/Tiling
LX: Epic Cannons firing on Angel Bay
Facebook highlights:
Twitter Highlights:
Whiteberry’s coverage of Landmark Live
Copper Wars
Rosie Rappaport rope request.
Fun Stuff to do:
Pinball PvP
SciFi Bay Finger tour
Lady K’s Haunted PvP
Whiteberry ‘ PVP
Weekly Events:
Monster Build
Swap Meets

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