New Combat (PvP) Trailer for Landmark (Official).

Landmark PvP

There is a new Landmark Combat (PvP) Trailer up on the official SOE youtube page, featuring yours truly, dying several times to Giovanni (/join FNFC), beginning at the 27 second mark.

PvP in Landmark is nothing like you have experienced before. The debate over whether its too action-y or “too much like a MOBA” are misguided. If your computer can deliver an acceptable frame-rate, you really owe it to yourself to try the hardest monster you will ever fight in video games: yourself.

So go forth and die in the name of Landmark, and remember: the sword replenishes armor and is a very defensive weapon. It pairs well with run speed trinkets. Swap it out for the bow when you need to; it’s great at any range if you actually lead your target and aim. Spam your space bar, and change direction randomly. Bubble up when they charge in and miss, and plink at slowed or weakened targets with your bow until they die. If you land that first snipers mark its all gravy. Every successive shot will knock the other guy on his ass.

Above all: keep moving, and seek cover and other advantages as they present themselves. An open target is open season.

I know that some of you are only here for the building. I get that many are still waiting for AI and PvE. Be careful what you wish for. With the kind of data SOE is collecting from all the PvP going on, the monster AI of the future may be be a hell of a lot worse: MOBS can be programmed for longer attention spans 😉

/bunny-hops away!

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