SOE Live 2014: Landmark Keynote Highlights



For those who either couldn’t tune in “live” or found that Twitch had muted the entire audio channel for the Video On Demand replay, here is a sneak peak at the next few weeks in Landmark.

First up — 3 new stats for players to manage are coming on the 27th of August: Health, Armor and Energy. Health will be depleted by combat, and from environmental effects like drowning. Armor appears to represent the amount of damage a character can soak in combat, and may modify the opponents hit. Energy is a measure of how much power a character has, to attack, or move about the game world heroically. All three stats are modified through equipped items, which can be crafted, or found in world as drops.

There are three basic weapons coming in this patch: the Conjurors Staff, the Soldiers Blade and the Marksman’s Bow. Each weapon comes with a basic attack (left click) and alternate attack (right click). All three weapons can be player crafted, and modified.

Epic Weapons are drops from chests and can be acquired as loot. One example of an Epic weapon is the Fire Sword, or the Fire Sword and Shield combination. The combination weapon is modified through a crafting table to be equipped as one item. The combo weapon will have different left and right click abilities than the Fire Sword without the Shield.

Armor is coming in at this time, and will also be player crafted. There are three basic styles of armor, and ultimately, they can be upgraded or improved on through crafting, specifically the “imbuing” system coming in a future crafting update. The three types of armor allow a player to choose the style of game play they enjoy best: one based on ranged combat, with bonuses to long casting abilities and increased range, another is based on heroic movement style of armor that grants bonuses to movement, and there is a melee style which modifies the players health and makes her harder to hit.

The team briefly highlighted some of the monsters we will see in the world in the next few months. These are White and Red Wisps, Necroza, Fiery Fungi, Chomper and the Scorpian Bush. These were mostly plant or magic based creatures, judging from the presentation video, and  no humanoid monsters were revealed at this time.

Combat is coming to Landmark with the Epic Patch of August 27th, but it will NOT be PVE. David Georgeson hinted that combat is something the team wants to test heavily and the best way to do that is to turn us loose on one another in PvP, before the team inserts pathing and AI for NPC monsters. PvP will be completely consensual and claim based. Those who hate PvP may avoid it altogether. Those who enjoy exploring and harvesting without risk of combat may continue to do so for the time being as well.

There will be 3 types of PvP after the Epic Patch: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and “Capture and Hold.” These can be toggled through a (presumably craftable?) table, and will include augments such as craftable “control points” and hazardous objects — like “land mines.”


On a slightly related note, we are also getting 3 new toys suitable for both PvP and PvE claims: “Teleporters,” “Flingers” and “Moving Platforms.” These will be craftable and include two or more pieces; one or more “base” units and a “receiver.”


Finally —Storybricks is coming to Landmark “soon” (not on the 27th!) and will at first feature a rudimentary AI editor “tool,” but will be expanded over time to include a “robust” set of Game Mastery Tools.

Thanks for checking in! What are you most excited to see from the Epic Patch of August 27, 2014? Leave a comment below….



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