SOE Live 2014: The Year of the Twitch



Day 1 of SOE live has come and gone. As I write this, Day 2 is just beginning and there is ton of great Keynotes scheduled for broadcast on Twitch throughout the day. For those of us stuck at home, this is a wonderful opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the event, and learn what is in store for our favorite SOE games.

I’ll be covering both the Landmark Keynote and the EverQuest Next Keynote for LandmarkExplorer.Com. Excitement for these events is high, and — with any luck — we will soon know a lot more about both games; where they are in their development cycle, and what is to come over the course of the year to come.

The Landmark Keynote begins at 9 am PDT and is immediately followed by the EverQuest Next Keynote, which runs until 11 am.

We also have “boots on the ground” in Vegas. Both George (GaiusMaximus) and Bob (Mortok) are there, soaking up the festivities, and interacting with the developers and other fans. I’ll be sharing some of their observations throughout the weekend as well.

Until then: Play thirsty, play safe, play it forward and have fun, wherever you are.


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