Angel Bay – Rebellion / Delta – Large Community Build

Magic Hour at Angel Bay

Magic Hour at Angel Bay

Our fleet is spending a full week, maybe more in Angel Bay filming the amazing builds by Cricketz’ community. We had an unexpected surprise during our first day of our tour. Caves and swimming were added to Landmark! My 8-yr-old son discovered an amazing feature (bug) related to swimming. His character started flying when he jumped out of the water. We seized the opportunity and shot about an hour’s worth of video while “flying” around Angel Bay. We hoped the bug wouldn’t be fixed for a few days, but sadly, it was patched at 5am the following morning. We hope you enjoy these highlights of our first day. We had a blast making them:

“Day One Tour of Angel Bay”

“Test Flight over Angel Bay”

Our First Day & Night @ Angel Bay – What an amazing place.
Click on any pic for a great view. (Captions coming soon)

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