Domino’s Beach House – Rebellion / Lavatube

One of our favorite homes in all of Landmark is Domino’s Beach House located in NW Corner of Rebellion (server) / Lavatube (island). Our quest to take in the “Landmark Night Life” brought us to her little corner of the world. She shares a little island with Smokejumper’s “Casino de la Mer” (which we refer to as “Dave’s Beach Club”. Domino (@pentapod) turned this little stretch of beach into a soulful oasis at the ocean.

Domino has incorporated many elements into this spacious home including: a library, cafe, ocean patio, dock, 6000 gal Ocean Aquarium, circular moonstone satin bed, bedroom sanctuary, room with a “view” of the Goddess Firiona Vie, sky-lit entryway, and boat lauch (complete with a Chris Craft). It’s all done with “joie de vivre” and elegant style. Thank you, Domino, for having us into your beautiful beach home.

Domino's Beach House

Domino’s Beach House – Rebellion / Lavatube

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Fun pics from a screen glitch:

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