LMS Explorer – Casino Bay – Rebellion / Lavatube

I recently took the Landmark Explorer Fleet on tour. Our first stop was Casino Bay (named after Smokejumper’s Casino de la Mer) on Rebellion / Lavatube in the North West corner of the island. Casino Bay is filled with wondrous builds including Dave’s “Casino de la Mer”, Domino’s “Beach House”, Butchywuff’s Ocean Temple, the now famous 300ft statue of Firiona Vie, Octopus Attack (a.k.a. Pest Problem), MrVic’s Ocean Home (replaced by Pest Problem) and so much more. The LMS Explorer pulled into Casino Bay at dawn and we began her makeover. We mithrilized her hull and masts and reinforced her gunwales, waterline, yardarms and longboats with brilliant lumicite. Next we outfitted her with new sails and deployed one of her longboats.

We’ve spent a week in Casino Bay filming and photographing all the beautiful sights, homes and Landmarks. We’re thoroughly enjoying our time/shore-leave here in Casino Bay. As we prepare for our next destination, we thought we’d share these great pictures of Landmark’s Nightlife, Magic-Hour and all the phases in between on this beautiful coast of Rebellion / Lavatube.

LMS Explorer @ Casino Bay:


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The Sights around Casino Bay:

LMS Explorer @ Casino Bay:

I’m am personally grateful to Domino for her kind heart and warm hospitality as our fleet anchored near her beautiful home for over a week as we toured the lovely seaside she calls home. You are a gracious host.

Anchor’s Aweigh!

Chief Bottle-Washer & One of the Cooks
Landmark Explorer

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