Wolf Head Bay – Confidence / Beach

Come on out to “Wolf Head Bay”. Fast becoming one of Landmark’s premiere tourist attractions. Nestled on the Eastern shores of Confidence/Beach, surrounded by a lush tropical environment, you will find one of Landmark’s oldest known lighthouses.

This thriving center of shipping commerce has something to offer everyone. From the warning beacon announcing the rocky outcrops to facilitate safe voyages, to a comforting place to rest your head on your journey, Wolf Head Bay has it all.

Wolf Head Bay by FeralWolf (@Feral_Wolf)

Wolf Head Bay by FeralWolf (@Feral_Wolf)


We take pride in having a full guild of craftsmen waiting dockside to take care of your every need. You can receive aide in vessel repairs, resupply your cache of construction equipment, or purchase many on the fine quality products crafted on site allowing you to take home a taste of Wolf Head Bay.

With the installation of our state of the art crane we can handle all your shipping and receiving demands, offering a safe handling of your cargo and reducing the amount of time spent idle at docks.

Our Lighthouse is one of the few that employs a full time Keeper on premisses. Having the Lighthouse Keeper living next to the lighthouse guarantees that our light will always shine, guiding you safely toward your destination.

Wold Head Bay Pirate Ship

LMS Feral’s Folly

Upon your arrival, make sure you register with the Harbor Master. He will be glad to assist you with finding cargo to transport, recruiting a crew, share his knowledge of the local waters, warn travelers of any dangerous passages, as well as offering a location to post and collect correspondence abroad.

Visitors will never need fear while relaxing at Wolf Head Bay, we are fortunate enough to be protected by the LMS Alexandria, a 10 gun frigate, and her crew,always vigilant. Also keeping our trade routes safe , the LMS Feral’s Folly, is a 32 gun, fast sailing deterrent to even the worst scum, is always on patrol. Between the two ships and their crews, our visitors can rest and enjoy our little tropical paradise.

Before leaving our beautifully landscaped community, adventurers should be sure to take a day-hike to one of our secluded beaches where you will find the remains of “The Sea Biscuit”, a sobering testament to the necessity of the Wolf Head Bay Lighthouse.

While running underground trading routes from Freeport to Qeynos and trying to evade the wrath of “The Painted Harpy”, (a scourge on the seas of Norrath endlessly hunting for “The Rubicite Heart”), the Sea Biscuit ran aground in the fog trying to stay ahead of the vilest lowlifes and wretched scum that Wolf-Head-Bay-Mappursued her under the orders of The Pirate Queen. ( part of the lore of Everquest II, under vessels lost at sea).


Remains of The Sea Biscuit

The skeletal remains of her fast lines lays at rest on a secluded beach north by northwest of our lighthouse, about a half a days journey.

So be sure to undertake the journey to Wolf Head Bay. See the proud lighthouse standing vigil over the eastern shores, immerse yourself in the local customs, benefit from our quality craftsmanship, experience some of the history of our beautiful isle, and socialize with the locals.

To reach Wolf Head Bay you can either travel overland on Confidence/Beach due east from the travel spires to 3078/1031/270, visit us directly from the Gallery directory, or feel free to contact the Harbor Master,(add FeralWolf to friends), to set up fast travel.

Hope to see you there, Bring the kids….

Wolf Head Bay Lighthouse by FeralWolf

Wolf Head Bay Lighthouse by FeralWolf

Day 1 At Wolf Head Bay


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Slideshow: “Day Three of our Wolf Head Bay tour – Exploring Shipwrecks.”

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Slideshow: “Wolf Head Bay tour – Anchors Aweigh.”

Landmark Explorer is grateful to FeralWolf (@Feral_Wolf) for sharing his story of Wolf Head Bay with us. Diving on the recently discovered wreck in the southern waters of Wolf Head Bay was quite a treat. Please keep us posted with updates. You are a gracious host, mate, and we look forward to anchoring near your shores again soon.

Wolf Head Bay  & LMS Alexandria

Wolf Head Bay Lighthouse & LMS Alexandria


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