Founder’s Packs – Character Gear

We got to see some of the goodies included in the Founder’s Packs during the EverQuest Next Livestream this week. I’m a big fan of them all! These outfits will persist thru the Alpha, Closed & Open Betas and to Live.

Here are the character outfits included in the Founder’s Packs.

Tech Sergeant’s Gear (Explorer Pack)                                                   Tech Commander’s Gear (Trailblazer Pack)

TechSGToutfit-girl TechSGT-RedOutfit-guy                   TechCommander-Gear-girl TechCommander-Gear-guy

Courtier’s Regalia (Explorer Pack)                                                             Noble’s Regalia (Trailblazer Pack)

CorriersRegalia-Gear-girl CorriersRegalia-Gear-guy                         NoblesRegalia-Gear-girl NoblesRegalia-Gear-guy


Tech Sergeant’s Gear:

Tech Commander’s Gear:

Courtier’s Regalia:

Noble’s Regalia:

This is definitely Swag worth having!


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