FX Lighting – Architectural – Outdoors

With the addition of White & Colored Light Orbs, you can entirely transform the buildings and structures on your claim in Landmark.

In this example, we show how we transformed Edwaurd’s Greek Temple on Satisfaction (EU) / Peak. I spotted his temple across the spires from Mortok’s Cobalt Cafe while I was lighting its interior. Ed had begun to paint the upper columns with mithril and we could see them glowing from the cafe.

My goal is to “illuminate” the structure and it’s textures rather than “washing/bathing” it in light. To achieve “illumination”, the light needs to add a subtle glow to the architectural features. To achieve this, the White Light Orbs must be placed “inside” structural features, the floors, ceilings or the ground. They must not be directly visible.

Enjoy this video and note the subtle differences in the temple’s appearance as I adjust the positioning of each light. Also note how I lit the flags on his claim.

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