Group Harvesting – Double-Triple-Quadruple your Haul

One of the coolest “social” aspects of Landmark is harvesting/gathering/farming resources in a group as a team.

We’ve discovered that working as a team to get resources is absolutely the best way to work. You just need to follow these easy guidelines:

1) Group (with anyone harvesting)
2) Stay together – Same Server/Island
3) Stay within Proximity of each other (you’ll see the proximity icon next to people’s names in your group when you are close enough)
4) Don’t mine/harvest the same vein/tree if you want to maximize your haul.

There are some other benefits of farming trees together:

1) Chopping the same tree – clears trees fast and helps spawn new ones.
2) Grapple-Logging Game – see who can stay off the ground the longest!
3) Never out-of-range
4) Harvest epic / prodigious amounts of wood quickly.

Rocking resources as a team is fun and very very profitable. We hope Dave Georgeson and his team don’t reduce this feature! Without any “group bonuses” we’ve noticed:

1) Each person gets the “full” amount of ore each person in the group mines:
   Examples from one strike with their pick produces:
      1 player : 100 Dirt
      2 players: 100 Dirt each = 200 Dirt
      3 players: 100 Dirt each = 300 Dirt
      4 players: 100 Dirt each = 400 Dirt

Ore, plants and wood all add up fast. It’s how Mortok and Lysandor have harvested EPIC amounts of Mithril, Cobalt and Burled Wood for their “Free-Box” Mithril Picks, the Cobalt Cafe, and the claim-sized deck(s) surrounding it.

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