Keyboard & UI Commands-Functions-Features

Slash Commands

/party invite Invites a player to join your party
/party accept Accept a party invitation
/party reject reject an unwelcome or inconvenient invite (muhaha…)
/party kick Boot someone from your party (wahoo!)
/party leave Drop yourself from the party (sometimes a courtesy sometimes a necessity)
/party disband Bust up the party
/party setowner make the party someone else’s responsibility
/join [channel name] Joins you into a chat channel or creates one. To join the general chat channel type /join General
/leave [channel name] Leave a specific chat channel
/whochannel List who is in your current channel
/1 Chat to General Channel
/2 Chat to Trade Channel
/3 Chat to Crafting Channel
/4 Chat to Newbie Channel
/emote (or /em /e) /emote to those around you.
/p chat to your group/party
/s chat to immediate surroundings
/shout /Shout across your island
/yell /Yell (or /y) across your island
/tell [Player Name] sends a /tell (or /t) with your message to the named player.
/whisper [Player Name] sends a /whisper (or /w) with your message to the named player.
/reply Sends a /reply (or /r) to the player who sent you the most recent /tell.
Movement / Camera View
W Forward
A Turn Left
S Backward
D Turn Right
Up Arrow Forward
Down Arrow Backward
Left Arrow Turn Left
Right Arrow Turn Right
Left_Mouse_Button (hold) + A Strafe Left
Left_Mouse_Button (hold) + D Strafe Right
Left_Mouse_Button (hold) + Left_Arrow Strafe Left
Left_Mouse_Button (hold) + Right_Arrow Strafe Right
Right_Mouse_Button (hold) + A Strafe Left
Right_Mouse_Button (hold) + D Strafe Right
Right_Mouse_Button (hold) + Left_Arrow Strafe Left
Right_Mouse_Button (hold) + Right_Arrow Strafe Right
Up Arrow + Right_Mouse_Button (hold) Run and steer with the mouse
Left_Mouse_Button (hold without any items equipped) Pan Camera 360 degrees with mouse around you (stationary)
Left_Mouse_Button (hold) turn you 360 degrees with mouse
SHIFT + Mouse_Wheel Zoom In/Out (1st person <=> 3rd Person)
SHIFT Sprint
. (period) Toggle Walk / Run
Game Commands
/loc Displays your current world coordinates X / Y / Z
/who Displays the total number of players on your current server and some of their names.
/afk “You are now AFK” Lets others know you are Away From your Keyboard. (or ignoring them!)
/friend add [Player Name] Sends a friend invitation to the named player.
/friend Lists friends currently online.
NUMLOCK Activates (toggles) Autorun
ESC Open Master Window / Deactivate Current Selection / Unequip Current Tool / Close Open Window
CTRL+F10 Hide UI (press twice to “show” interface)
CTRL+F12 Screen Shot
U Claim Management
E Shoot Grapple Hook
I Inventory
H Character (Hero) Window
M Map
1-10 Activate/Deactivate Hotbar slots 1-10
CTRL + 1-10 Sets Active Hotbar
F1 Toggle Main Menu (Landmark Icon – bottom left UI)
F2 Game Settings Menu
F12 Toggle Tooltips
/ Command Line Prompt in Chat Window
O Social Media (post a snapshot and/or text to Facebook and/or Twitter)
ALT+F Toggles Performance Monitor (top left of UI)
ALT+ENTER Switch between Windowed/Full Screen Modes
Building (while tool is active)
ALT Material Picker (from materials around you)
Mousewheel Change Brush Size
N Toggle Brush Size Increments between 1/3/6/12 and 1/2/3/4 Cubic Voxels
C Cursor Shape: Toggle Cubical Brush / Spherical Brush
J (hold) Raise Heal Brush above surface
CTRL (hold) Change between Addition and Deletion tools
Working with Selections (Copying/Placing/Deleting/Selecting)
SHIFT Move Selection Box by dragging directional arrows that popup
CTRL Adjust the Far Side of selection area
CTRL+C Copy the selected area to building clipboard
CTRL+V Paste the volume of the building clipboard to your claim to place
CTRL+X Delete the selected area (deleted materials & props you placed return to your inventory)
CTRL+Z Undo most recent tool action up to 20 steps (Your new best friend)
CTRL+Y Redo most recent Undo action up to 20 steps
CTRL+R Resets props to their default position
SHIFT+Left_Mouse_Click Activate “Tweak” mode (you can now move about the cabin. Your paste/placement volume stays stationary with adjustment arrows)
TAB Selects between adjustment axis of the current mode (Position X/Y/Z, Rotation X/Y/Z, Size +/-)
SHIFT+TAB Selects between adjustment modes (Position, Rotation, Size)
V Mirrors your paste/placement volume (mass)
/onod “You nod like Omeed”
/tribaldance “You dance”
/congratulate “You applaud [*target*]”
/cheer “You cheer”
/yes “You nod in agreement”
/no “You disagree”
/drunk “You are drunk”
/wave “You wave”
/kneel “You kneel”
/happy “[*target*] puts you in a good mood”
/sad “You feel sad”
/angry “You are angry with [*target*]”
/plain “You feel calm”
/point “You you point”
/stand “You stand”
/flirt “You wink”
/laugh “You laugh loudly”
/giggle “You giggle”
/bow “You bow”
/shrug “You shrug”
/taunt “You shake a fist”
/bow “You bow”
/sob “You sob”
/cry “You weep”
/skip “You skip”
/talk “You talk for a while”
/beg “You plead for assistance”
/shoo “You wave away a problem”

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