Voxels: Painting Air, Filling Gaps, Creating Inlays, No Bleeds

Ahh, few things require more magic than painting “air”. But hey, this is Landmark and the sky’s the limit as they say.

There are some great videos about all things related to voxels & microvoxes, but this is one of my favorites. Schroedingercat discovered that by painting a voxel of “terrain” data that’s surrounded with terrain data, that you can copy that voxel from within the terrain and you then have a voxel in your buffer with no “brick” / “material” properties except the color you painted. Essentially, you have a voxel of “colored” air. Because it is “air”, it won’t warp voxels that you paint it next to or between, and its color will NOT bleed into adjacent voxels! Thus, this is a perfect technique for creating inlaid patterns and designs and worthy of much experimenting.

Here is her thread on the Landmark Forums: painting-air-without-deforming-neighboring-voxels-slightly-diff-technique-from-zeuljii.34280

Here is Schroedingercat of Landmarkians

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