#MyFirstBuild on Let’s Talk! Landmark

We asked the Landmark Community to share with us pictures of their first builds on Twitter as well as their stories. We received some...

Congratulations to Maxximus – A Landmark Halloween Contest Winner

Here are some cool pics of our Legendary Explorers Guild-mate, Maxximus (a.k.a @BadViking82), and his spectacular Landmark Halloween Contest Winning build. Dig the Title,...

LX October 2014 Newsletter

October Events:There are lots of fun things to do this month in Landmark. Don’t miss these cool events and rockin’ fundraisers. @VoxelVision‘s Pumpkin Carving Contest...
Beowulfe up Close

Clean sheet…. Forgotten Memories

Travelers Chronicles .001 There are times when I am sure that I know who I am, where I have been, and what I have...

New Combat (PvP) Trailer for Landmark (Official).

Landmark PvP There is a new Landmark Combat (PvP) Trailer up on the official SOE youtube page, featuring yours truly, dying several times to...

SOE LIve 2014: Tweets from Landmark Builders Workshop

New dynamic UI coming to @LandmarkGame — EverQuest Nexus (@EQNexus) August 15, 2014   Building pallete in the future – shape hot bars ?...

SOE Live 2014: Landmark Keynote Highlights

@Ozzymandos   For those who either couldn’t tune in “live” or found that Twitch had muted the entire audio channel for the Video On Demand replay, here...

SOE Live 2014: The Year of the Twitch

@Ozzymandos Day 1 of SOE live has come and gone. As I write this, Day 2 is just beginning and there is ton of great Keynotes...

@LandmarkGame: A Model for a Social Operating System

@Ozzymandos What is Landmark? Landmark is a Voxel based social building game, produced by Sony Online Entertainment, utilizing core elements of Voxel Farm technology,...

Get your 7 Day Landmark Closed-Beta Key

Get your 7-Day Landmark Closed-Beta Key! If you’re new to Landmark and want to tryout this revolutionary game by Sony Online Entertainment, then send...

The Pub Crawl @ The Hub

   Landmark Explorer has opened the Pub Crawl @ the Hub on Satisfaction/Abyss. Drop on by and grab some refreshments!

Name That Pub – Contest – SOE Game Card Prize(s)

We’ve been busy working on our “Pub Crawl” @ the Hub on Satisfaction/Abyss (Server/Island) and want to give our Landmark twitter community a chance...


Exciting updates to are happening today (Wednesday, July 16th 2014): See the complete list on the Landmark Forums here or on Reddit here. 1)...

Landmark Closed-Beta Week 16 Patch Notes 7.10.2014

Terry Michaels, a.k.a. Fairan, released the Landmark Closed-Beta Patch Notes today. He covered all, but the bug list, in their entirety on Episode #21...
Here's Dave Georgeson Showing off the cool new stuff for Week 14 of the Landmark Closed-Beta

Landmark Closed-Beta Week 14 Patch Notes 6.26.2014

Fairan (@terryjmichaels) Just posted the impressive (heroic) patch notes on the Landmark Forums. You can find the original post here. “Roaming Vectors In a...
Magic Hour at Angel Bay

Angel Bay – Rebellion / Delta – Large Community Build

Our fleet is spending a full week, maybe more in Angel Bay filming the amazing builds by Cricketz’ community. We had an unexpected surprise...

Wolf Head Bay – Confidence / Beach

Come on out to “Wolf Head Bay”. Fast becoming one of Landmark’s premiere tourist attractions. Nestled on the Eastern shores of Confidence/Beach, surrounded by...

LMS Explorer – Casino Bay – Rebellion / Lavatube

I recently took the Landmark Explorer Fleet on tour. Our first stop was Casino Bay (named after Smokejumper’s Casino de la Mer) on Rebellion...

Landmark Explorer’s Grapple Challenge 4.16.2014

Landmark Explorer is hosting a Grapple Challenge event this week during the Landmark Live twitch broadcast. (moved to next week. see below).  Mortok and Lysandor built a giant “Grapple Gym” on Mortok’s claim at the spires on Satisfaction – Peak, and it’s a blast. Everyone is cordially invited to come test your skill on our “Grapple Gym”!

Please Note: Due to server downtime & patch, we have rescheduled our event to NEXT Wednesday April 23rd at 4pm PST.

However, Mortok will still be hosting an Adventurer’s Grapple Hook giveaway today at our Grapple Gym (next to spires on Satisfaction Peak) at 4pm PST (or when the servers are up if after 4pm PST). He invites everyone to come and grab an awesome Grapple Hook, party at our Cobalt Cafe’ and try out our giant playground!

Today, Mort will giveaway 100+ exceptional Adventurer’s Grapple Hooks and dozens of Accessories!

screenshot_20140414-04-04-24    screenshot_20140415-17-01-12    screenshot_20140414-23-37-42    screenshot_20140414-04-03-44    screenshot_20140415-02-48-45    screenshot_20140415-22-31-25

Here are the event details:

Event: Landmark Explorer’s Grapple Challenge

When: 4pm Pacific , Wed. April 16th, 2014 (during Landmark Live twitch broadcast!) Grapple Hook give-away starts at 4:00pm Pacific and the races start at 4:30pm!

Where: Mortok’s Grapple Gym next to the Ley Line Spire / Wizard Spire on Satisfaction (EU) (server) – Peak (Island)

Details: We have designed a fun new “Grapple Hook” game in Landmark. It’s played at a “gym” specially designed for testing one’s Grapple Hook skill. The gym spans two “stacked” claims with glowing wizard disks positioned randomly throughout. Contestants must shoot their grapple hook at the disks and attempt to traverse the full height of the gym to the top deck faster than their challengers. There are 4 chests on the top platform but only one has prizes – 10 colored Light Orbs. Are you fast enough to find them first!

Chat Channel: /join grapplegym

Online: (camera #1)  Twitch.TV/LandmarkExplorer & (camera #2) Twitch.TV/StacEQNExplorer

Hosts: Mortok & Stac. Mortok will organize the contestants and Stac will announce/start the race.


1) Landmark Explorer has over 100 exceptional (blue) Grapple Hooks to give away to anyone who comes to the event (1st come, 1st served, 1 each) until they’re gone!

2) Winners of each race are the first ones who find the chest “and grab” the up to 10 colored light orbs to take home.

3) A super special top-sekret prize, TBA during the event!

Come and hang out on the observation decks to watch the contestants knock on another off the wizard discs as they race to the top. Visit our “Cobalt Cafe‘” (made entirely of “Cobalt” and “Burled Wood”! Yea, Mortok is a maniac resource guy) and enjoy the view (especially at night):

screenshot_20140415-02-40-04    screenshot_20140415-03-03-26    screenshot_20140415-02-07-12    screenshot_20140415-03-03-53    screenshot_20140415-17-03-20    screenshot_20140415-02-13-28    screenshot_20140415-22-32-26    screenshot_20140415-22-33-42     screenshot_20140415-22-36-09

A note from the architect: This Grapple Gym is two full claims tall, and completely dwarfs the spires next door. In fact — it is possible to jump from its highest point, towards the spires, and catch yourself with your grapple on the spires on your way down. Test your skill!

Here is Lysandor’s post about the event in the forums:

See you there!

“Lets Build Something Great Together”


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