Landmark Explorer’s Grapple Challenge 4.23.2014

Congratulations to Musetta & Stormryder for winning their events in the Grapple Challenge and grats to Stormryder on winning the Legendary Ring of Brawn! Thank you to all who came out to grapple on our course.


Here was the event announcement:

Landmark Explorer is hosting the Grapple Challenge II event this week during the Landmark Live twitch broadcast.

Lysandor and Mortok built a giant “Grapple Gym” on our claim at the spires on Satisfaction – Peak, and it’s a blast. Everyone is cordially invited to come test your skill on our “Grapple Gym”!

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Here are the event details:

Event: Landmark Explorer’s Grapple Challenge II

When: 4pm Pacific , Wed. April 23rd, 2014 (during Landmark Live twitch broadcast!) Grapple Hook give-away starts at 4:00pm Pacific and the races start at 4:30pm!

Where: Our Grapple Challenge course is on Satisfaction (EU) server / Peak island next to the Ley Line Spire / Wizard Spire. It’s HUGE, so you cannot miss it!

Details: We have designed a fun new “Grapple Hook” game in Landmark. It’s played at a “gym” specially designed for testing one’s Grapple Hook skill. The gym spans two “stacked” claims with glowing wizard disks positioned randomly throughout. Contestants must shoot their grapple hook at the disks and attempt to traverse the full height of the gym to the top deck faster than their challengers. There are 4 chests on the top platform, but only one has prizes : 10 colored Light Orbs. Are you fast enough to find them first!

Chat Channel: /join grapplegym

Online: (camera #1)  Twitch.TV/LandmarkExplorer & (camera #2) Twitch.TV/StacEQNExplorer

Hosts: Mortok & Stac. Mortok will organize the contestants and Stac will announce/start the race.

Giveaways & Prizes:

1) Landmark Explorer has dozens of Accessories & Exceptional Adventurer’s Grapple Hooks to give away to anyone who comes to the event (1st come, 1st served, 1 each) until they’re gone!

2) Winners of each race are the first ones who find the chest “and grab” the up to 10 colored light orbs to take home.

4) Grand Prize: Legendary Ring of Brawn

Also, come and hang out on the observation deck to watch the contestants knock one another off the wizard discs as they race to the top. Visit our “Cobalt Cafe‘” for the “post-race” /tribaldance party and /onod like Omeed!

Note: The Cobalt Cafe is made entirely of “Cobalt” and “Burled Wood”!  (Yea, Mortok is a maniac resource guy) The Cobalt Cafe has an amazing view of the spires and is fully lit in dazzling colors at night.

screenshot_20140415-02-40-04    screenshot_20140417-02-08-59    screenshot_20140415-02-07-12    screenshot_20140417-02-00-14    screenshot_20140415-22-33-42    screenshot_20140417-03-19-20

A note from the architect: This Grapple Gym is two full claims tall, and completely dwarfs the spires next door. In fact — it is possible to jump from its highest point, towards the spires, and catch yourself with your grapple on the spires on your way down. Test your skill!

See you there!

“Lets Build Something Great Together”


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