Chateau de’ Lys — Part Deux

screenshot_20140211-17-39-01 screenshot_20140211-17-39-41

screenshot_20140211-17-39-54 screenshot_20140211-17-40-52 screenshot_20140211-17-41-22 screenshot_20140211-17-42-35 screenshot_20140211-17-42-52 screenshot_20140211-17-43-07 screenshot_20140211-17-47-55

Work continues on Chateau de’ Lys. I have gone as far as I care to without the use of the Smooth (melting) tool, paint tool and line tool, which I will grind out now. Ultimately, this will be a ruin; a remnant of a scene of magical catastrophe.

Per Dave G — multiple claims INC!



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