Looking back on my first week in the Landmark Alpha

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My first week in the Landmark Alpha hit a stutter when I came down with the plague IRL. With no Priestess of Tunare handy, recovery was slow. Time spent in-game was memorable, however. Especially the first few minutes Friday night during the initial rush to conquer Courage: I ran straight into a pit trap and got stuck for several minutes before I learned to use a combination of space bar and the return-to-ground command (which has already been replaced BTW).

Later, when I made my first claim on a hill overlooking a fertile, lightly forested valley, I was shocked to discover the size and shape of my “buffer zone.”  It took some investigation, but I quickly discovered that although my buffer looked large, it represented very little claimable land, as most of it was several feet above the tree-tops, below my actual claim.

Over the week I collected enough material to craft all of my first and second tier tools and (crafting) stations, and moved my claim to a Tier 2 zone with an impressive view of the forest on one side, and the desert on the other. Construction at Chateau de Lys is ongoing, but I have learned a few tricks along the way, while making improvements. Technique is important, but planning is everything in EverQuest Next: Landmark.

I have also seen dozens of player-made towers, fortresses, pit-traps, fertility statues, diving boards and solid copper pyramids.  I have met at least two very nice, friendly players I did not know from RL before Alpha.

It’s still early in the alpha cycle, but the changes are already coming fast and furious. Burled wood is yesterdays concern and Sapphires are todays grind. The game itself is probably 50-60% done, but there are no mobs, combat or even health bars. Giant walls surround each “island” and water isn’t even in-game yet. None of this matters.

SOE dropped the NDA and embraced a new openness. I am optimistic about EverQuest Next: Landmark, and feel you should be as well. I’ve got 99 reasons and this was just the first.

Look for me on the official boards posting as Akalys, or in-game, playing as Akador.

Explore, build, share, and be cool to each other.






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