[Event] Mort’ n Lys’ 1st Annual Grapple Challenge with Prizes!

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I read Terry’s announcement regarding the marketplace lights with great interest, after all I have 400 or so now and I certainly don’t *need* anywhere near that many for my builds. My original idea: to trade them in game was — in hindsight – fraught with holes. The fact that I, as the cash buyer, would receive them again at the start of open beta creates problems between players down the road is certainly a factor. Another is the pricing of such an exchange. I was aiming for something symbolic (I get what I want, you get what you want) but some felt the price was onerous. Fair enough.


So if the sale is off, what am I going to do with all these colored lights?

Wait! I know! I’ll give them away.

Tomorrow morning at 9am on the Satisfaction EU — Peak Island, on Mortok’s claim, just off the spires, Mort and I will open up his claim and unlock 3 or 4 chests full of green and blue accessories, grapples, and so forth. Drop on by and check out Mort’s ridiculously extravagant use of mats harvested while seeking elusive legendary picks and axes. Also – check out the three story grapple challenge, and sign up for a race, because we are going to place bundles of (10) colored lights (or more!) in one of four chests on the burled wood catwalk above the frisbees, and host 5-7 races, winner take all.

I’ll likely remove / destroy the target frisbees as we progress and we may try a /drunk race or two for a bigger take of the pot or prizes in multiple chests.

I’m thrilled colored lights will soon be craftable in game, and I can’t wait to see what you all build with them going forward! I’m looking forward to meeting you all in-game soon.

— Lys

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