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Everquest Landmark Closed Beta Launched Wednesday, March 26th!.

(New: Checkout our complete list of Crafting Stations, Refineries and Recipes here!)

The EverQuest World awaits the eminent launch of Landmark’s Closed Beta. If you purchased ANY of the Founder’s Packs, you will have access to the Closed Beta.

There are interesting comments from Dave Georgeson in the twittersphere and Terry on the Forums while the Closed Beta spins up. Brief summary includes:

Note: You must craft your initial claim flag. It will not be auto-granted!
1) Plant Harvesting is in (Get your “silver” sickles ready).
2) New Crafting Station added called “Outfitter’s Table” (yep, to make outfits x 2 in 7 colors).
3) Claim Ratings (version 1) are in (votes expire after 7 days).
4) Claim Upkeep & Forclosure = 300 copper ore per 24 hours & pre-pay up to 5 days. Don’t let your upkeep run out!
5) New Faces, Hairstyles and Facial Hair for both sexes… (mkay…)
6) New Islands! Yup, Tier 4 has arrived (Diamond & Mithril). All Biome combos are in.
7) Founder’s Pack Chest at the Spires (let you recover missing/deleted Founder’s Pack Items)
8) Tools, Tool Recipes & Resource overhaul. It’s big and complex. Resource Ratings are kaput. Everything is now referenced by “tiers” 1-6.
9) Recipe for Coal added. Can you say KABOOM?!
10) Plant Resources are no longer dropping from trees.
11) Crafting Station & Progression overhaul. Again, this is BIG. Forget what you thought you knew.
12) Teleporting to Claims & Spires each have their own 1-hour cooldowns. Teleporting to Players has a 30-minute cooldown.

See Fairan’s post on the forums: https://forums.station.sony.com/landmark/index.php?threads/closed-beta-launch-update-notes-3-26-2014.26040/
See Smokejumper’s complete list of Islands & Biomes https://forums.station.sony.com/landmark/index.php?threads/island-names-now-with-more-info.26024/
See SOE’s server status: https://www.soe.com/status/

Additionally, we are giving away 8 EverQuest Next Landmark Closed Beta keys which will give you access to the entire “Closed Beta”. Details will follow soon. You must be registered here and follow us on either YouTube, Google, the Landmark Forums (Stac or Lysandor), Twitter (Stac or Lysandor), Facebook or Twitch.TV to win.


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Here is a list of Closed Beta Islands & Biomes:

Landmark Closed Beta - Islands & Biomes

Landmark Closed Beta – Islands & Biomes


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