Landmark Closed-Beta Week 14 Patch Notes 6.26.2014

Here's Dave Georgeson Showing off the cool new stuff on Landmark Live - Episode 19 on Twitch.TV/LandmarkGame for Week 14 of the Landmark Closed-Beta

Here’s Dave Georgeson Showing off the cool new stuff on Landmark Live – Episode 19 on Twitch.TV/LandmarkGame for Week 14 of the Landmark Closed-Beta

Fairan (@terryjmichaels) Just posted the impressive (heroic) patch notes on the Landmark Forums. You can find the original post here.

“Roaming Vectors

  • In a nutshell, this lets our tools act with more precision.
    • Angles and edges when using the Line Tool are cleaner.
    • Artifacts in Shaped Blocks have been drastically reduced.
    • Artifacts when Copying / Cutting slices out of other shapes has been reduced.
    • You can now use the 1x1x1 size with Shaped Blocks.
  • We’re still working on improving the fidelity of shaped blocks and the line tool, but this should be a pretty big improvement.

Voxel Cursor Changes

  • We’ve made a fairly large change to the sizes of voxel cursors. Previously the default sizes on cursors were in powers of three. You could also switch to powers of two by pressing “N.” This is a bit convoluted, and didn’t really make sense, seeing as how you could make a shape any size with the Selection Volume anyway.
  • With this change, the mouse wheel now increments the size of the cursors by one, and has a maximum cursor size of <Ask Andy!>
  • Please note that while we allow you to use the Sphere cursor sizes with anything under six, we’ve tinted the cursors Red. This is because Spheres don’t draw well with anything under a 6x6x6 size.

Material Changes and new Materials!

  • Thanks to the thread located here we took a hard look at how our voxel materials matched up with the voxel grid.
  • Code fixed numerous bugs including:
    • Most materials were offset from the grid by .5
    • Most materials when on a Y-Axis were actually being projected upside down
  • Art went in and did a full polish pass as well:
    • Fixed individual materials that were not aligned to the grid
    • Fixed repeat rate on some materials to balance density
    • Materials like Banded Metals and wooden baseboards got a little smaller, to match a 1x1x1 Voxel. For Rivets in particular, we’ve fixed it so that a Rivet would display every other voxel, in the center.
  • In addition, we’ve also got FOUR new shades of Slate for you to work with. This should help all you Dark Elf architects mix it up a bit!

New Props!

  • Several new props have been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop, including five different trapdoors, rows of assorted books, and a number of high tech pipes, control panels, switches, and activatable fans.
    • We’re focusing on making props that can be used in lots of different ways in the future. Even though the high tech props may be of more limited use, we can’t wait to see the crazy things you do with them!


  • Several new colors of the Colonist’s Encounter Suit have been added to the Marketplace!
    • Lime Green
    • Red & White
    • Orange & Grey
    • Blue & Grey
  • We’ve also bundled up the aforementioned high-tech props and added them to the Marketplace.

Ore Distribution Changes

  • Marble and amaranthine veins are now more plentiful on the surface of Tier 2 islands.
  • Obsidian and alabaster veins are now more plentiful on the surface of Tier 4 islands.
  • Large veins combining marble and amaranthine can now be found in caves on Tier 2 and Tier 3 islands.
  • Large veins combining obsidian and alabaster can now be found in caves on Tier 3 and Tier 4 islands.

Player Studio

  • You will now receive an in-game mail when your Player Studio submitted template is in any of the available statuses:
    • Peer Review
    • CS Review
    • Approved
    • Rejected

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve redistributed the Props on all continents once again. This should eliminate both the “Wall of Props” issue, and the bug where there were large areas with no props at all.
  • Claim Headers will no longer automatically drop down when your mouse cursor gets close to it. They will still drop down automatically when you enter any claim, but will auto-hide after a few seconds. You’ll need to click the button if you want it to drop down. This applies to all claims.
  • The Ore Finder can now detect Etherium and the Ground Sounder can now detect Moonstone.
  • When you jump in the air, we determine what you’re landing on / in, and play the appropriate animations. This means that you will now dive headfirst in to water, among other animations.
  • Infused Nightbloom can now be made on the Legendary Infuser
  • The Rotate / Translate widgets should no longer stay in the world when switching from Cube / Sphere to another shaped block.
  • Fixed an issue where paste volumes would be embedded one voxel in to whatever you surface your mouse cursor was on.
  • Fixed numerous typos in the Help Sections”.

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