Landmark Closed-Beta Week 16 Patch Notes 7.10.2014

LandmarkLive-EP21-SS-001Terry Michaels, a.k.a. Fairan, released the Landmark Closed-Beta Patch Notes today. He covered all, but the bug list, in their entirety on Episode #21 of Landmark Live yesterday (Wednesday 7.9.2014). The most notable highlights of the notes AND the show are the new “keybindings” feature so you can re-program your keyboard to your liking (a HUGE plus if you’re left-handed) and the new colors (white, grey, mint-green, tan and Terry’s favorite color, blue!) of the two craft-able outfits in the outfitter’s workbench.

Dave Georgeson was out on vacation this week and somehow managed to “horribly break his ankle”. We wish him a speedy recovery as well as a heroic story as to go along with his cast and new support gear. If you missed the Landmark Live show, you missed Omeed’s Top 10 Rumors about how Dave broke his ankle. Dave’s a great sport for letting his crew poke fun at his mishap. GET WELL SOON, MATE!

Without further adieu… the patch-notes are listed in the Landmark Forums here as well as copied below:


  • You can now edit your keybindings in the ESC menu, under “Customize Controls.”

Landmarks of Landmark Competition Winners!

  • You will now find the winners of the Landmarks of Landmark competition on various islands / worlds. They have been enshrined in their very own Claim, for all players to see.
  • In the near future, the contributors will be listed individually, and you’ll be able to:
    • Click their name, taking you to the Showcase (so you can see other examples of their work!)
    • Send them Feedback on their submission

Marketplace Recommendations

  • The Marketplace will now display recommendations specific to you! Depending on your browsing and spending habits, we’ll recommend SOE or Player Studio items that we think might interest you. These recommendations can be found at the bottom portion of the Marketplace.
  • Let us know what you think!

New Craftable Outfits

  • We’ve introduced some new tints to the Craftable outfits on the Outfitter’s Station.
  • Artisan’s Outfit and the Pathfinder’s Gear can now be crafted in White, Blue, Tan, Mint, and Grey.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels.
  • Some materials did not have specific audio when they were being mined – this should be fixed.
  • Changed the Demo Mode options to “Enable” when checked, instead of “Disable” when checked. They should still default to “On.”
  • Sometimes when you were perpendicular to the face of a Selection Volume, it would quickly zoom away. This should no longer occur.
  • Previously, using the rotation arrows when the camera is perfectly aligned to that axis was difficult. This should be much better now.
  • Addressed an issue where re-naming a template would reset the “Date Created” to an invalid date.
  • Fixed an issue where copying your own voxels over another owners voxels would transfer ownership.
  • You can now delete Player Studio templates, even if they’re surrounded by other voxels.
  • The chat window should no longer move on its own after relaunching the client.
  • Prop Placement will no longer unintentionally enter Adjust mode (this happened when trying to pick up a prop while in adjust mode, and then placing it again.)
  • Exiting the game via the game window’s X should no longer bring up the ESC menu – but will instead force close the client.
  • Addressed a bug with the selection volume getting stuck to your mouse cursor, even after releasing the mouse button.
  • Previously, the Ornate pitcher would not sit flush on other objects or voxels. Fixed!
  • The Claim Banner dropdown will no longer lock your keyboard when clicked multiple times
  • Renamed the Pathfinder’s Gear (Grey) to Pathfinder’s Gear (Black)”

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