Landmark Closed-Beta Week 7 Patch Notes – 5.12.2014

Posted by Domino (Developer) on Landmark Forums here:

Recipe Journal

• This is a journal that you can access from the Start Menu (Hotkey: L) that will allow you to browse all of the crafting station lists.
• This will allow you to see exactly what you need to gather to make that next pick or prop, even when you’re out in the world, far away from a crafting station.
• Additionally, you can click the “Start Tracking” button on any item within this list, and a small Gathering List will appear on your HUD which allow you to track the resources needed for that item.

Gathering List

• We’ve added this window to allow you to keep track of what you want to gather while you’re out and about!
• New characters will start with a ‘claim flag’ in this window, to help guide them towards claiming a home of their own.
• Existing characters can add to this list using the Recipe Journal, as described above.
• The window will only appear if there is something in it.
• NOTE: currently, the gathering list does not save between sessions. If you log out, you will need to re-add items.
• To remove an item from the window, mouse over the icon of the item being tracked, and click the red X that will appear.

Element Tray

• The element tray functionality has been improved so that instead of auto-hiding, it now stays open unless closed by the user (X button). You now need to click on the material swatch to open the element tray, instead of it auto-opening.
• Shaped blocks have been removed from the Element Tray. They were not working as we intended, so they have been removed until they are working correctly, or until we determine they are not needed.

Help Menu

• The DevTalk feature formerly accessed using F12 can now be toggled on and off using F1.
• There is a new Help button beside the start menu in the lower left. Clicking on the gold ? button will bring up help and information to help newer players around the game. You can open these for reference any time. There are four areas:
1. Getting Started

  • This will automatically open for new characters and is intended to help give direction to the first hour of gameplay.

2. Tech Tree

  • This is a tree diagram that details the progression of crafting stations.

3. Building Tips

  • This page details the basics of the building tools and how to use them, along with any relevant hotkeys.

4. Resources Guide

  • This page explains all the mined and harvestable resources, and what kind of equipment it takes to harvest them.

First Time Events
(aka: making life friendlier for new players)

We’ve added a First Time Event system which allows us to give information or items when certain events happen for the first time. Normally this would only affect brand new characters, but since the system has just been added, on the first login after this patch ALL characters will be treated as new characters. If you are not a new character, you can ignore these or not as you prefer:
• Upon first login after the patch, all characters will see the Getting Started guide and have the Claim Flag recipe added to the new Gathering List.
• Upon first claim placement after the patch, all characters will experience the following changes:

  • Building Tips help window will open automatically
  • All Building Tools except Add Tool will be added to inventory (if you already have them, you can delete the duplicates)
  • Additional changes related to this:
  • Building Tools can no longer be crafted at any crafting stations
  • Lost Building Tools can be retrieved by clicking on the Resupply Chest
  • New characters will only receive the Add Tool with starting items
  • You can now retrieve your Add Tool from the Resupply Chest at the hub if you happen to lose yours.


Home decorators rejoice: several new furniture props have been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop, to make your castle, lighthouse, ziggurat, or dungeon more cozy!
• Padded Sofa
• Padded Armchair
• Fireplace Screen
• Fireplace Tools
• Small Round Regal Table
• Round Pillow (Black)
• Round Pillow (Blue)
• Round Pillow (Gold)
• Round Pillow (Green)
• Round Pillow (Pink)
• Round Pillow (Purple)
• Round Pillow (White)
• Plush Pillow (Black)
• Plush Pillow (Blue)
• Plush Pillow (Gold)
• Plush Pillow (Green)
• Plush Pillow (Pink)
• Plush Pillow (Purple)
• Plush Pillow (White)

Keyboard shortcut changes

• F1 is now used for DevTalk rather than F12

Claim management

• You can now view and manage all your claims in the claim management window (U), regardless of which island you are on.

Bug Fixes

• There was an issue with the screen being all white for some people when they had graphics settings set to low. This should now be fixed.
• Grappling hook should now work better when the camera is zoomed far back
• Selecting the corner triangles of the selection tool should be more reliable now
• /bug now works without additional text at the end
• Plumthistle Builder’s Chest can now be purchased in the Exchange
• Placing a block in the water could cause a “hole” in the ocean. This has been fixed.
• A bug preventing selection of eye color for new female characters has been fixed.
• You can once again rotate your character in character create to see what the back of your hair looks like.


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