Landmark Closed-Beta Week 7 Patch Notes – 5.7.2014

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Cricketz Spanish Galleon

Cricketz Spanish Galleon – Serenity Pingo – Landmark Alpha

Water! (Oceans, Phase 1)

  • Welcome to the first part of our water system, Phase 1 of Oceans!
  • All islands are now surrounded by water.
  • As this is the first phase, there are a few caveats:
    • You cannot swim. Swimming as a system has multitudes of requirements: robust animations, swimming above and below water, drowning (which means health, a revive system, etc) and countless others. Instead of waiting until every system is in and fully functional, we’d rather get this first phase out to you now.
    • Interacting with the oceans right now means you’re simply walking on top of it. Let’s just pretend everyone has Boots of Water Walking, okay?
    • If you had a claim at the very edges of the Island, it’s possible that your claim is now underwater!
    • Since you cannot swim at the moment, that means the only way to access said claim is to use a Portal Shard and teleport to it.
    • It’s completely up to you if you want to leave your claim there, but realize that when you’re underwater, it’s not as if you’re actually in a water volume – you’re simply walking around at the bottom of the sea.
    • In the current phase, water cannot be used in building. If you try to select it, you will be told that material is currently unavailable to build with.

Crafting / Harvesting Changes
We’ve made multiple balance changes to crafting and harvesting in this update – and will continue to do so as we proceed through Closed Beta.

  • We’ve moved Item Upgrading to the Stone Forge, making it available at the hub. To compensate the loss of this exclusive feature from the Tech Forge, we’re adding an inherent boost to the quality of all items the Tech Forge creates.
  • The recipe costs for all picks and axes have been reduced. This is a balance change aimed at reducing the early game grind from tool to tool, and to make upgrading costs more palatable, as upgrade costs are directly proportional to the cost of the item being upgraded. Early tier tools received a larger cost reduction than later tier tools.
  • Claim Flags are now crafted with copper ore and heartwood.
  • The difference between Restored Talismans and Restored Idols was not significant enough to warrant keeping both of these item types, so we are retiring Idols and slightly buffing Talismans. This doesn’t mean we are removing Idols from the game, we just won’t be dropping Idol fragments anymore from any sources. Any existing Idol fragments you’ve already collected can still be restored and Restored Idols can still be used to upgrade items.
  • Relics dropped from the world have been changed to Relic Fragments. Several fragments are now needed to make a single Restored Relic, however you no longer need additional components such as elemental resources or gems to craft Restored Relics. The drop rate of Relic Fragments from dirt, sand, and stone has also been increased, and sifted bags can now drop several relics (up to 6 per bag) instead of 1 or very rarely 2 relics per bag.
  • Veins of Ancient Earth have been added to all tiers of islands. Ancient Earth is a large pocket of dark-brown soil that offers a chance to find relic fragments needed to upgrade your harvesting tools.
    • On tier 1 islands, the veins can contain Talisman and Idol Fragments.
    • On tier 2 islands, the veins can contain Talisman, Idol, and Rune Stone Fragments.
    • On tier 3 islands and higher, the veins can contain Talisman, Idol, Rune Stone, and Artifact Fragments.
  • Sifters can now sift stone, in addition to dirt and sand.
  • Sifters can no longer be used to convert dirt, sand, or stone directly into ore, gems, or relics. Instead sifters now convert dirt, sand, or stone into a single bag that gives a random assortment of ore, gems, or relics up to the tier above the tier of the sifter. This means that a bag crafted at a tier 5 sifter would have a chance to drop tier 6 resources.
  • The recipes used to create sifters have been modified.
    • The Roughwork Sifter is now crafted with Tier 2 resources.
    • The Tradesman’s Sifter is now crafted with Tier 3 resources.
    • The Masterwork Sifter is now crafted with Tier 5 resources.
  • Recipe Category sorting has been adjusted at the Outfitter’s Table and Tinkerer’s Workshop to make non-cosmetic items crafted at these stations more apparent.
  • Several changes have been made to the crafting stations spawned at Hubs.
    • The Basic Forge has been replaced with the Stone Forge.
    • The Basic Workshop has been replaced with the Tinkerer’s Workshop.
    • The Alchemy Station and Outfitter’s Table have both been added to all Hubs.
  • The Tinkerer’s Workshop now has a new model! This model is not complete in terms of Animation and FX, but we wanted to get the new one out ASAP, since the previous one was using a Saw Table model (which led to a bit of confusion.)
  • Stone Tools have been removed from the Basic Forge, but can now be retrieved from the Resupply Chest.
  • The Silver Sickle is now using its originally intended cone-shaped targeting system. Note that harvestable plants will now only highlight while inside the targeting cone.
  • The frequency of gem nodes has been slightly increased.
  • Nodes that combine common gems and metals now have the gemstone at both the beginning of the vein and at the end. This should make the gem portion more visible. This affects copper/agate, iron/aquamarine, tungsten/amethyst, cobalt/sapphire, and mithril/ruby.

Cross World Parties

  • You’re now able to properly party with people who are across multiple worlds.

Menu Changes

  • We’ve re-arranged some icons, and added a new “Help” icon to the bottom left Menu bar.
    • The first icon of the spotlights is for the Showcase. This is where you can buy in-game items and resources, as well as access the Gallery to browse other player’s claims.
    • The next three remain unchanged – Templates, Inventory, and the Map.
    • The Question Mark icon is new – this is the Help menu. Right now, this leads you to a “Getting Started” page that will provide some tips and tricks to newer players. This menu will expand in the future.


  • Several decorative sea shell props and a starfish prop has been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop.
    • Conch Shell
    • Yellow Speckled Shell
    • Red Speckled Shell
    • Open Speckled Shell
    • Starfish
  • Also of Note: With our regular prop releases we’ve managed to publish quite a few props since the launch of alpha! However, this has made finding a particular prop rather difficult in our current crafting interface, which is why all prop recipes have now been sorted. Look for chests first, non interactive props second, animated props third, and light sources last.


  • Bundles of Cotton, Jute, Plumthistle, and Sunblossom are now available in the Showcase.

Rotate / Translate change

  • We’ve moved the modal change of Rotate / Translate off of SHIFT + TAB, to Tilde (`). Changing the axis when in one of those modes is still TAB.
  • To reiterate:
    • With a prop or paste volume active, press Tilde (~) to change between Translate / Rotate / Scale.
    • While in Translate or Rotate modes, press TAB to switch the axis.

Camera Change

  • Increased the maximum distance the camera can be zoomed out from the character to make it easier to position and place large templates. For now, it will be possible to zoom the camera out to this new distance, however, we plan to limit this so it will only be possible to do so when placing a template or pasting large selections in the near future.


  • Added a toggle to the Claim dropdown to switch your own Claim Boundaries on and off.
  • The Claim Boundary graphic has been simplified a bit. Having the boundary on is quite useful when building, but previously it had too many things going on with it – decorative corners, bright blue walls that were hard to see through, etc. It’s now a very simple box. We’re still using the old Claim Boundary box on the map though!

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing “R” after receiving a tell will automatically populate a reply to that person.
  • When a selection volume extends past the bounds where it is allowed to be used, it will turn red just like all the other tools.
  • Made it easier to select the faces on the Selection Volume when the volume is at its smallest size.
  • You now receive the following error message when trying to delete a claim from another island: “Your claim cannot be deleted from here. To delete a claim, you must be on the same island as the claim.”
  • Woven Cotton, Jute, Plumthistle and Sunblossom are no longer using placeholder icons.
  • Sometimes you’d see a “0 Voxel” selection volume below the world. This should be resolved.

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