SOE Announces Founder’s Packs

(Originally posted on November 14th, 2013)

On yesterday’s Twitch TV EverQuestNext Livestream, Terry Michaels (Senior Producer), Colette “Dexella” Murphy (Community Manager), and  Dave Georgeson (Director of Development) discussed the new Founder’s Packs (Trailblazer, Explorer, and Settler) and the Alpha/Beta process for EQN Landmark. They also let Eric Smith show off his amazing design skills using the integrated design tools in EverQuest Next Landmark to create a fort and towers as well as shape the surrounding landscape. Mr. Smith jammed on his designs live as we all watched while the panel guided us through the interface and options.  He even showed off an incredible Battle Mech which didn’t seem too out of place in the world of Landmark.

The panel answered some key questions for the Livestream viewers about items you get with the Founder’s Packs. They affirmed that the items you pay for in those packs will persist through to the final release of the game.

Thousands of viewers tuned into the Livestream on Twitch TV. The chat scrolled by so quickly that it was nearly impossible to catch all the questions fans were asking.

If you missed the Livestream and want to experience it first hand, you can watch it at Twitch TV here.



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