With the great patch of April 10, 2014, a terrific cry rose up from the land and some of the people (they imagined themselves a “majority” and thus felt justified in venting their spleen) cried out in a more-or-less unified fashion: “We want more tools to help simplify building!” and “We shouldn’t have to “pay” to use “decorations” in a FTP MMO!”

These proclamations were met with knowing chuckles, or outright scorn by a second faction: they who imagined themselves “lords” and who figured, “F it – I’ll buy whatever I need” or “How hard is it really to watch a few videos or ask a few questions on the forums when you get to that point in your progression as a player in the game?”

The situation was intolerable, obviously. Both sides were completely convinced of their utter righteousness in the face of unimaginable slander and oblivious ideological savagery. This was to be expected, of course, as the game was patching and nobody who cared could actually play.

Now – I’m not here to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Ok, that’s bull. I totally am.

I think you’re both wrong.

There is a player-driven ecosystem to all MMO’s and it is either fed or starved, for better or worse. In this case there is no damage, because colored lights are just “mini-Kronos” and they will be worth X in-game currency or resource, as the seller and buyer negotiate at the time of sale. This price will likely standardize and fluctuate slightly over time. Anything sold on the SC Marketplace will be tradable by RL in-game merchants who will specialize in the trade, and – with any luck at all – it will be done in a Landmark homage to the legendary EC tunnel. But it will happen, because it must happen. For many who won’t pay, it is the definition of “need” and it *is tradable* after 12 RL hours.

But that is only the beginning of how we – the players – interact with the system and bind it to our will and desire. The other way is through the power of community; the massively multiplayer in MMORPG games. At is core is the simple truism: successful people cooperate. This is true in any game. No one solos a raid zone. And if they do, they are probably exploiting the fact the expansion in question came out several years ago, and besides? Who cares anyway? The point is that the players who beat the mountain back when the mountain was new did it because they teamed up to do what single players can’t do by themselves: they cooperated with one another to double or triple their own efforts.

Right now, my friend Mortok and I are doing a lot of running around. We are taking pictures of cool builds and claims, and harvesting our brains out. Why? Because it’s relaxing, and because – at 10 to15 hours a week, it’s more productive and more fun than building. The upshot is we give away a lot of Mithril picks and Rubicite Axes (among other things!) on our way to a Legendary, we can build massive claims using rare or exotic looking materials because we got it all in the millions looking for the mithril, rubicite and the wood we actually need to build the two things we want right now. We could fund a “pure builder” with enough materials to keep them building indefinitely, while equipping others to compete in PvP, explore player-made dungeons and mazes, or both. In fact, that’s pretty much been our thing for a couple of weeks now.

The math here seems pretty straightforward: SC buyers will move the item into the hands of those who refuse to spend SC. Often, within 12 hours and 2 minutes; that’s just human nature. Everybody gets what they want when there is an ecosystem of players of all types who benefit from the exchange.

IF Marketing moves to make the colored lights “no-trade” THAN we grab the crafted torches and picks, but in the meantime – Trade!

And cooperate: If you see someone else looking for a certain tree, or Mithril / Rubicite — group up and double your take. Group when you craft and agitate for more group-friendly crafting tables which draw from BOTH players bag with a confirmation popup…. But I digress.

Cooperate. Guild-up. Circulate. In this way we all double or triple our own efforts, and contribute to a better game. Ideally: one that gets paid for and keeps the Team employed.

Colored lights are a good thing. In the end – they will bring us together, and I’ll prove it: I will be trading colored lights on Saturday for the resources I need to make Mithril Picks and Rubicte Axes for Mort’s FREE BOX. Bring me enough to make 1 of each and I will give you a light. If the price holds out at $1 for 10 lights I will be giving away 150 colored lights, after which – I’m done. If anyone wants to join me in offering similar deals they are welcome to join me on Mort’s claim (it’s just off the spire at Satisfaction Peak; you really can’t miss it). Others who want colored lights but who don’t wish to pay for them in SC can purchase them in exchange for Tier 4 and 5 resources in-game.

Let’s make lemonade, Together and stuff.




Kindly reply at https://forums.station.sony.com/landmark/index.php?threads/voxel%E2%80%99s-props-paywalls-or-%E2%80%93-how-i-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-love-burled-wood.31104/#post-346313 if you want to offer your own trades, either way!



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