Play Landmark with XBOX 360 Wireless Controller

xbox-360-wireless-landmark-storyAre you tired of clicking your mouse to mine rescources? Is your mousepad not quite big enough to mouse around Landmark’s huge vistas?

Here at Landmark Explorer, we’ve been using our Wireless XBOX 360 controllers to play most of EverQuest Next Landmark’s Alpha and Closed Beta. It’s quite a bit of fun to explore, mine and grapple around effortlessly for hours on end using the 360 controllers while haviong the freedom to roam around where ever your computer is anchored. We’d like to share with you how we do it in case you want to give it a try.

Things you will need:
XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver ($10 @ NewEgg or Amazon)
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller (you probably have one already)
Keyboard / Mouse simulator for your XBOX 360 Controller (XPadder: $10 or ControlMK: Free) XPadder has a nice GUI

There are plenty of How-To videos & pages to help you configure them if you search on Youtube/Google/Bing.

Here are our XPadder Config Files:
EQNL Controller.xpaddercontroller
in this zip

We’ve mapped the left & right mouse buttons to the 360 controller’s triggers which makes for effortless mining.

Controller Keyboard / Mouse
Left_Trigger = Left_Mouse_Button
Right_trigger = Right_Mouse_Button
Left_Padder = ESC (Open/Close Main Menu / Close Window
Right_Padder = E (Grapple Hook)
Back_Button = CTRL+F10 (Hide/Show UI)
Start_Button = CTRL+F12 (Screenshot)
X_Button = M (Map On/Off)
A_Button = Spacebar (Jump)
Y_Button = I (Inventory)
B_Button = H (Character Sheet)
Left_Joystick = Arrow Keys (or WASD)
Right_Joystick = Mouse_Motion
Thumpad_Up = SHIFT+Mousewheel_Forward (Zoom in)
Thumbpad_Down = SHIFT+Mousewheel_Reverse (Zoom_Out)
Thumbpad_Left = 1 (Activates/Deactivates Hotbar Item #1)
Thumbpad_Left = 2 (Activates/Deactivates Hotbar Item #2)



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