Tools vs Resources – Picks (recipes included)

Toos vs. Resources – Picks – Quick Reference Guide

Here is the quick reference guide to all the picks currently available in the EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha from the most basic to the most advanced.

Picks Rating Resources
Stone Pick 1 Dirt, Stone, Sand, Copper Ore, Elemental Copper
Copper Pick 2 Tin Ore, Elemental Tin, Tourlamine
Bronze Pick 3 Iron Ore, Elemental Iron, Aquamarine
Iron Pick 4 Silver Ore, Elemental Silver, Topaz
Silversteel Pick 5 Tungsten Ore, Elemental Tungsten, Marble, Amethyst
Tungsten Pick 6 Gold, Elemental Gold, Emerald
Viridium Pick 7 Cobalt ore, Elemental Cobalt, Sapphire, Amaranthine
Cobalt Pick 8 Rubicite Ore, Elemental Rubicite, Obsidian, Ruby
Indigo Pick 9 Mithril Ore, Elemental Mithril, Diamond, Alabaster
Picks Forge Recipe
Stone Pick Stone 1 Dirt
Copper Pick Stone 10 Heartwood, 1000 Plain Wood Log, 10 Copper Ingot, 10 Elemental Copper
Bronze Pick Stone 13 Heartwood, 15 Plain Wood Plank, 5 Burled Wood Plank, 8 Tin Ingot, 15 Elemental Tin, 45 Tourlamine, 1 Copper Pick
Iron Pick Stone 15 Heartwood, 30 Plain Wood Plank, 3 Burled Wood Plank, 15 Iron Ingot, 15 Elemental Iron, 45 Aquamarine
Silversteel Pick Stone 20 Heartwood, 20 Plain Wood Plank, 7 Burled Wood Plank, 10 Silver Ingot, 20 Elemental Silver, 60 Topaz, 1 Iron Pick
Tungsten Pick Marble 20 Heartwood, 40 Plain Wood Plank, 4 Burled Wood Plank, 20 Tungsten Ingot, 20 Elemental Tungsten, 60 Amethyst
Viridium Pick Marble 22 Heartwood, 30 Plain Wood Plank, 10 Burled Wood Plank, 15 Gold Ingot, 30 Elemental Gold, 90 Emerald, 1 Tungsten Pick
Cobalt Pick Amaranthine 25 Heartwood, 60 Plain Wood Plank, 5 Burled Wood Plank, 30 Cobalt Ingots, 30 Elemental Cobalt, 90 Sapphire
Indigo Pick Amaranthine 27 Heartwood, 40 Plain Wood Plank, 14 Burled Wood Plank, 20 Rubicite Ingot, 40 Elemental Rubicite, 120 Ruby, 1 Cobalt Pick

Stone PickCopper PickBronze PickIron Pick
Silversteel PickTungsten PickViridium PickCobalt Pick
Indigo Pick

Happy Mining!


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